Conservation Hawks

Conservation Hawks is a group of passionate hunters & anglers working overtime to protect our sporting heritage and pass on a healthy natural world to our kids and grandkids.  Our motto says it all:  Hunters & Anglers Defending Our Future.

What makes us different? Conservation Hawks focuses on the single most important issue for America's sportsmen, and the biggest threat to our hunting & fishing: Climate Change.

Why Climate Change?  Because serious, human-caused climate impacts like higher temperatures, stronger storms, more extreme droughts, changing precipitation patterns, unprecedented insect infestations, dying forests, reduced mountain snowpacks, an increase in invasive species, more ticks & mosquitoes, dying coral reefs, shifting waterfowl and big game migration patterns, an increase in extreme precipitation and flooding, toxic algae blooms, and ocean acidification are bad for hunters & anglers all over America.  

Our Mission

As hunters & anglers, our mission is to defend our sporting heritage and pass on a healthy natural world to future generations of Americans.

OUR Status

Conservation Hawks is registered as a nonprofit corporation with the Montana Secretary of State, and has received tax exempt status from the Montana Department of Revenue.  Conservation Hawks has also received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the I.R.S.  Contributions to Conservation Hawks are considered tax deductible.

To learn more about our work, please visit our Conservation Hawks website at: